White Fillings

Hide Your Cavity with a White Filling

Dental Filling Even the most dedicated flossers and stringent brushers can suffer a cavity. If the decay is in a hidden area, like the back of a tooth, then a silver filling – also called a dental amalgam – is usually sufficient. But what if you have a cavity in a highly visible location? That’s when white fillings, also known as a composite resin, come in.

White Filling Procedure

You won’t notice much difference in the process of receiving a white filling and having a cavity filled with a traditional silver filling. After applying a local anesthetic, Dr. Govani will prepare the cavity for the composite. The composite is introduced in layers and hardened with a special light. After the cavity is filled, Dr. Govani will mold the composite to blend in seamlessly with your tooth.

Benefits of White Fillings

Of course, the main benefit of a white filling is that no one can tell it’s there! Your filling will appear no different from your natural tooth. White fillings are also ideal for smaller cavities and will help to strengthen the remaining part of your tooth.

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