Denture Repair and Reline

Professional Denture Adjustment

The structures of your mouth continue to subtly shift over time, even once you’re an adult. For this reason, occasional relining – or adjustment – of your dentures is necessary. Your dentist will let you know at a regular check-up when it’s time for a reline, but you’ll also want to call us at North Penn Dental Care if your dentures begin to feel uncomfortable.

Some dentures can also be rather fragile, and breakage is not an uncommon occurrence. Your dentures are important, so you don’t want to trust their care and repair to just anyone. Dr. Govani has the training and experience to expertly repair your dentures to as good as new.

Denture Options

We pride ourselves on delivering prompt and careful service with both dentures repair and relining, but we also offer some quality alternatives to traditional dentures. These options include implant-supported dentures and metal-free dentures.

If you need your dentures repaired or relined or are interested in new denture options, give North Penn Dental Care a call today (215) 822-9600.

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