Dental Night Guard

Teeth Grinding During Sleep – A Major Problem

If you’ve ever woken up with a sore jaw or aching teeth, you may be suffering from nocturnal bruxism. This simply means you grind your teeth in your sleep. If so, you’re not alone – up to 80% of American adults have this problem.

You largely surrender voluntary control of your body when you enter deep sleep. As a result, you can’t prevent certain body movements like teeth gnashing. Unfortunately, continued teeth grinding can damage your teeth and even cause jaw problems. A personalized night guard can help.

The Night Guard Process

Having a custom night guard made is a simple process. After identifying your problem, Dr. Govani will make an impression of your teeth. Your personalized night guard is then created. All you need to do is wear it whenever you sleep.

Benefits of a Custom Night Guard

Your night guard will prevent damage to both your jaw and teeth from nocturnal teeth grinding. You’ll also likely notice less pain and soreness in the mornings and help protect your teeth for years to come.

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