Metal Free Dentures

Advanced, Durable Metal-Free Dentures

Are you a denture or partial wearer? Are you tired of having your dental appliances break on you? Do you wish they were less visible? Metal-free dentures, made of an incredibly tough resin, can provide you with all of that.

The Resin Dentures Process

Receiving a set of metal-free resin dentures is very similar to the process of getting traditional dentures. After an examination, Dr. Govani will take an impression of your mouth that includes any remaining teeth. This impression is then used to create a set of custom dentures made of a near-indestructible polymer resin.

Benefits of Metal-Free Dentures

In addition to durability, metal-free dentures have a lower visibility profile than traditional dentures. This means it will be almost impossible for other people to tell that you’re wearing dentures. You clean them and remove them for sleeping just as you would regular dentures.

Since these dentures don’t contain any metal, you can be assured you won’t suffer any allergic reaction or inflammation. This is great news for patients with metal allergies.

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