Single Implant with Crown

Tooth Loss Solutions

If you’ve lost a single tooth or just a few teeth, you may be wondering what your options are. Dentures are not a possibility since they are designed for those who have lost most of their teeth. Should you get a bridge? Perhaps just avoid smiling and hope no one notices?

Patients in the Lansdale, PA area have another choice – single tooth dental implants with crowns. Dr. Govani at North Penn Dental Care in Colmar offers this attractive and lasting solution to restore your smile, increase your confidence, and help preserve your oral health.

Dental Implant Procedure

The procedure to replace a single missing tooth or a couple of teeth begins with the insertion of the dental implant into your jaw. Anesthetic will be used to block any pain. Your dentist then fixes a temporary tooth on to the implant and allows a few months to pass while the implant bonds with your bone.

Afterwards, you’ll receive a permanent crown affixed to your implant. This crown appears completely natural, and no one can tell it’s not your own tooth!

Benefits of a Single Tooth Dental Implant

Obviously, a single tooth implant with a crown is a superior choice to leaving a gaping hole in your smile. Also, these implants offer several advantages over a traditional bridge. Adjacent teeth must be ground down to affix a bridge, and dental bridges often contribute to receding gums, which can endanger other teeth and present an unattractive appearance.

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